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Sports Memorabilia Collection of Sports Cards! SOLD FOR $150

This collection inlcudes approximately 550 sports pieces includes various cards, signatures and photos from sports including: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Nascar Racing and Golf. Most of the cards and/or photos do have signatures on them.

Golf: There are 121 signed photos and/or signed cards and notes. Every Golf piece has a signature. Some of the Golfers in the set include: Jay Sigel, Becky Iverson, Robert Damron, Walt Morgan, Tom Jenkins, Laura Diaz, and Don Bies to name a few.

Basketball: There are 200 items of  signed cards and/or photographs. This set includes cards/photos of Kobe Bryant, Jason Kidd, Kevin Durant, Paul Pierce, Mike Bibby, and Tracy McGrady to name a few. This set also includes 2 autographed pictures, one of Jason Kidd and on of Calvin Booth, both with COA’s.

Racing: There are 52 signed photos/cards in this set that includes Nascar racing as well as Foreign racing. All the pieces in this set have signatures. Some of the racers in this set include: Kerry Earnhardt, Michael Andretti, Brett Bodine, Bill Elliott, Robby Gordon, and Mark Martin to name a few.

Football: There are 111 cards and/or signed cards and photographs. Some of the cards with signatures include: Kurt Warner, Trent Green, David Boston, Rickey Dudley, Tony Dixon and many other signed cards. This set also includes signed photographs of Mike Martz (Head Coach of the St. Louis Rams) as well as Marty Schottenheimer of the San Diego Chargers and Dave Campo of the Dallas Cowboys. There is also a team photo from 2001 of the Dallas Cowboys and a Dallas Cowboys Official Weekly Newspaper dating August 31, 2002. Some of the notable athletes that are part of this set include: Drew Brees, Terrell Owens, and Michael Vick  to name a few.

Baseball: There are 66 cards, packs of cards, and/or signed photographs or cards. Some of the cards with signatures include: Tom Glavine, Joe Torre, Kerry Wood, and Matt Kinney to name a few. There are twelve unopened packages of baseball cards. There are also 21 of the 1967 Topps Baseball Cards, including players from these various teams: Mets, Red Sox, Indians, Cards, Astros, Senators, Twins, Athletics, Braves, Tigers, Reds, and Angels. Some notable players among the cards include: Greg Maddux (Cubs), Reggie Jackson (Yankees), and Derek Jeter (Yankees) to name a few. This set also includes signed photographs of Brian Downing and George Foster.

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Item ID: Hemsworth06

Case Name: William & Allysia Hemsworth

Case Number: 12-02622-EWH