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Estate’s Interest in Oil and Gas Royalty Interests in Montague County, Texas.

Oil and Gas Royalty Interests for the following: 0.0004340 Interest in 40 Acres, MCNABB L A MRS ETAL UNIT Felderhoff Prod, A-516 MEP & P RR CO SEC 11, RRC 32016 API 42-337-34640 and RRC 31626 API 42-337-01295, in Montague County, TX. Operator CP Energy LLC, Owner #THOM0054.

The Revenues for 2015 were $81.00. The Revenues for 2016 through 8-31-16 are $46.15. The account has been put in suspense until the sale is completed. To view a copy of the Revenue History Click here.

CSAssets specializes in the liquidation of Bankruptcy Assets and Personal Assets. All Bankruptcy Assets are sold “AS IS WHERE IS” with no warranties implied or stated. The Seller and the Bankruptcy Trustee are not responsible for any liens or encumbrances against the items.  The Buyer will be entirely responsible for these oil/gas royatlies after the sale, including but not limited to: pursuing the oil/gas royalties and all associated costs, paying all fee/liens (if any) associated with the oil/gas royalties, recording/transferring the title and gathering any documentation necessary for that process. CSAssets and the Trustee shall be under no obligation to the buyer except to provide the Buyer with a Bill of Sale and/or Trustee’s Deed or Assignments for the Oil/gas royalties.CSAssets has been provided information by the Debtor and we cannot guarantee that all of the information is accurate. CSAssets recommends all bidders perform their own due diligence PRIOR to bidding on this item. As with any Bankruptcy case, this sale may be subject to court approval. Please read all sections of the ad carefully, particularly for real estate sales.

LIENS  We do not know of any liens.

This is all we know about these Oil and Gas Royalty Interests.  Document preparation fees for the Oil and Gas Royalty Interests of $200 will apply and will be included in the total of your invoice. All Sales are Final. Serious Bidders Only. Any bid submitted by a potential Buyer will be considered an agreement to our Terms. Potential Buyers should not bid unless the fully intend to complete the sale.

Item ID Thompson01

Case Name: Douglas Thompson

Case Number 16-15724-JGR


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