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Jan McLean’s Collectible Doll “Grace” #29/3500 – SOLD FOR $50


These Dolls are being sold “as is” as assets in a Bankruptcy Estate and are not being sold by a “Collector”.

This listing is for a 2001, vinyl, limited edition, Jan McLean doll named Grace. Grace is an African American girl and she is 21″ tall. She has warm brown hair, styled in a topknot and a fuchsia pink silk headscarf. She has hazel glass eyes. She is costumed in black and white striped knit clam diggers and top with the Jan McLean Design Label. She has a tangerine orange cotton dress with pumpkin orange and fuchsia pink silk velvet vest. She has tangerine and pink linen shoes with pink silk laces. She is fully poseable with a movable head. We do not have her gold name bracelet. According to the debtor, the doll is supposed to stand, but she’s in a sitting position and we have seen other Grace dolls sitting. She has some small scratches on her forehead, which are only noticeable if you look closely. There is also a white scratch on the back of her right hand that extends slightly above her wrist and some white scratches on the backs of her legs. Jan McLean’s copyright is engraved on the doll’s back and on the back of her head.The limitation number is hand-written on the back of the doll’s neck.The number is 29/3500 and she comes with her certificate, original box and shipper. It is identical with the number on the certificate. Jan McLean’s signature is hand written on the doll’s back and on the back of her head.

About the Artist
Jan McLean is a world renowned doll artist who has won numerous awards for quality and design. In little over a decade she has built an impressive worldwide reputation of producing and designing limited edition top quality collectible dolls. From the moment you cast your eyes upon a Jan McLean doll you will be mesmerized by their universal look of innocence. You cannot help but be seduced by their abundant charm. Tucked away in the quiet southern New Zealand city of Dunedin is where it all begins. At her busy studio in the center of the city overlooking the local outdoor cafe scene, Jan and her dedicated and skillfull team create original collectible dolls using the finest most luxurious velvets, laces, plumes and blooms gathered from Jan’s travels all over the world. Her expeditions have enabled her to create individuality in her Collections time after time. From long legged sassy femme fatales, demure Victorian ladies dressed in the clothes of their era, through to Jan’s new cutting edge Lollipop Girls range of fashion dolls. here is something for collectors of all ages and interests.

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Item ID: Breen07
Case Name: Deberah Louise Breen
Case Number: 11-23166-EWH