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Collectible Star Trek & Star Wars Movie/Television Merchandise!

This listing is for multiple Star Trek and Star Wars Movie/Television Merchandise. 1993 Collector’s Edition Star Trek Telephone. The telephone has a numbered certificate of Registration: Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, ID #0018273. The telephone features include: Each Unit is individually numbered and has a numbered certificate of historical data; the phone is an exact replica of the Original USS Enterprise; Red Alert Sounds & Warp Nacelles Flash when the phone rings; Regular ringer option and the phone is Hearing aid compatible. The telephone is FCC approved and recommended for ages 8 and over. The telephone is made by TeleMania: Collectible Telephones. The Phone is in its original box. The phone is in Excellent condition. The box is in very good condition though it is a little worn on each of the edges and corners. There are 2 boxed Transporter Figures for Star Trek, The first being Nurse Christine Chapel (Still in box, Collector’s Series Edition No. 003861) and the second being Yeoman Janice Rand (Still in box, Collector’s Series Edition No. 007736). There is a Star Trek: The Next Generation Innerspace Series U.S.S. Enterprise Mini Playset NCC-1701-D (Stock No. 6131) The box is taped, but is believed to have all the pieces included. Star Trek and Star Wars Mugs: The first set is by The Hamilton Collection and is a full set of eight 1983 Star Trek ceramic mugs. Each mug has a different depiction of a character. Characters Include: Chekov, Sulu, Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Mr. Spock, Scotty, Uhura, and Beam Us Down Scotty. The entire set has no cosmetic damage to any of the mugs. The other mugs include: two Star Trek DEKA plastic mugs; both with Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy. Along with a black ceramic mug with the Star Trek USS Enterprise and on the back it says, Crusher, Data, Picard, Worf, Troi, Laforge, Wesley, Riker. There is also a 1991 Star Trek ceramic mug that has the USS Enterprise on it and written on the back it says, ENTERPRISE Star Trek  and a Star Trek 2000 mug from the Las Vegas Hilton Star Trek Experience. The last Star Trek Mug/Stein is a tall porcelain depiction of Captain James. T. Kirk, Limited Edition by Susie Morton. The Identification number is 5200. The last three mugs are Star Wars DEKA plastic mugs: one has Yoda the Jedi Master, another has Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2; the last mug has Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo. All ceramic mugs are in excellent condition and the plastic mugs are in very good condition but with a few small cosmetic flaws. A Collectible Porcelain, Star Trek, Dr. McCoy Doll. The Doll stands 14″ tall and comes with a stand. The doll is in the original box with packing and comes with the Beaker, science accessory. The doll is in a blue Star Trek shirt and black pants. The doll is produced by R.J. Ernst Enterprises, Inc. under exclusive license from Paramount Pictures Corporation. The box shows Copyright 1966, 1988 Paramount Picture Corporation. The Doll is in Very Good condition with small marks on doll’s right hand. The box is a little worn on edges and corners but is still in good condition.

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