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Annette Himstedt’s Beautiful Krissi II Doll Sold for $280!

These Dolls are being sold as assets in a Bankruptcy Estate and are not being sold by a “Collector”.  This listing is for an original 2001 Himstedt Puppen Kinder doll named Krissi II by Annette Himstedt. She stands about 28 inches tall. She has long chestnut brown curly hair with blonde highlights and hazel glass eyes. She is wearing the original clothing that she came with. There are some very light scratches on her  body, arms and legs, which are only noticeable if you look closely at her. There are some visible white marks on her neck, her left arm and on the backs of her legs. According to the debtor, the dolls arms don’t bend correctly and she has an altered wig. The doll does not have a limitation number written on her. We don’t have her certificate, her original box or shipper. Krissi’s name is engraved on the back of her neck. Annette Himstedt’s copyright is also engraved on the back of the doll’s neck. In order to pre-empt forgery, Annette has engraved her name or initials on each limb segment. Annette Himstedt’s dolls have wigs made of hand-knotted human hair or semi hand-knotted wigs made of human hair. They have mouth blown glass eyes which are made in Germany and hand-painted faces with a unique authentic hand painting technique, that she specially developed. All clothes and shoes are exclusive Himstedt designs.

German doll artist Annette Himstedt changed the doll world by challenging conventional doll design and bringing the personality and exuberance of children into her sculpts. Annette is a real master artist who pushed the materials she worked with to their limits with her innovation. When she first presented her dolls at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair in 1986, she displayed porcelain and vinyl dolls together – and it was difficult to distinguish between them! The fact that artist dolls were made of vinyl, had a porcelain look and feel to them, and looked like real children was a completely new sensation in the doll world. The demand for her work grew quickly and Annette soon became determined to build her own manufactory, a major undertaking for any small business, and the doors opened in 1990. Much to everyone’s dismay, economic pressures forced the closing of the manufactory in 2009. It signaled the end of an era. Although no longer creating dolls at her manufactory, Annette’s legacy continues to inspire doll artists and collector around the world.

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Item ID: Breen14
Case Name: Deberah Louise Breen
Case Number: 11-23166-EWH