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16 Barbie®, Kelly® and Tommy™ Dolls and Giftset Dolls! – SOLD FOR $50


These Dolls are being sold as assets in a Bankruptcy Estate and are not being sold by a “Collector”. 
This listing is for a 2003 Barbie® Collectibles Wizard Of Oz Giftset dolls, 2004 Barbie Collector David’s Bridal boxed dolls named “Perfect Pair”, 2008 Collectible Batman and Catwoman Kelly & Tommy Doll Giftset, and six Barbie and Kelly brand dolls.

For the Wizard of Oz Giftset dolls, there are two sets. The first set being Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West, the second set includes Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow dolls. We have the box for Glinda and the Wicked Witch Giftset with the Certificate of Authenticity inside. We do not have the box for the other four Wizard of Oz dolls. All the dolls are under the Barbie® Doll Brand and all dolls are in original costumes and have accessories. Item model number: B8951, for Glinda and Wicked Witch Giftset. The box has small dents in the front plastic screen and creases in the box itself, otherwise box is in good shape. All dolls are in great condition.

For the David’s Bridal “Perfect Pair” dolls, both dolls are still in original box and packaging, they are also under the Barbie® Doll Brand. The young boy is the ring bearer and the young girl is the flower girl. This package is Silver Label Barbie® Collector. Item model number: H8152. The description on the back of box says, “Adorable, unforgettable, the flower girl and ring bearer make every wedding even more lovely! Perfect Pair™ Tommy™ and Kelly® giftset, available exclusively at David’s Bridal, is a wonderful keepsake of your very special day. The ideal gift for the bride, bridesmaids, flower girl, and ring bearer to always remember the perfect wedding – yours!”. The box has small scratches on outer side of film screen, and small creases in the corners though the box is in good shape. Dolls have original outfits on, and seem to have never been removed from packaging or box.

For the DC™ Batman™ and Catwoman™ Giftset dolls, Both dolls are under the Barbie® Doll Brand and both dolls are in original costumes and look as though they have never been removed from the box and packaging. The dolls are in excellent shape and the box is also in excellent shape. The Giftset is under Pink Label Barbie® Collector.

For the six other dolls, One of the dolls is under Barbie brand and is the Korean Barbie from the Dolls Of The World Collection. The doll is still in the original box and has not been removed from packaging and ties. The box is a little worn on the corners but still in good shape. The item identification number is: 4929. There is a Kelly Club doll named Surfer Desiree. The doll is still in the original box and has not been removed. She comes with a surfboard and pail and shovel accessories. The box is in good condition though the film screen on front has a small dent. The item identification number is: 17324. There are two foreign World doll’s also Korean. One is boxed and the other is not. Both dolls are in good condition, the unboxed one has a couple barely visible marks on her face. The last two are a Tommy doll and a Kelly doll, both with blonde hair, they look to be in very good condition.

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Item ID: Breen17

Case Name: Deberah Louise Breen