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2.32 Acres of Vacant Land near Florissant in Park County, CO – SOLD FOR $8,000!

2.32 Acres of Vacant Land in Park County, CO. Legal: Wagon Tongue Subdivision 3, Block 2, Lot 22B, T 13, R72, S23, NE 4.  Site address: 57 Stud Lane, Florissant, Colorado 80816. Schedule/Parcel number: 22189. According to the Assessor’s Office (719) 836-4331, the nearest city is Florissant. According to Wagon Tongue Recreation the lot is quite rocky but is buildable with dedicated access and there is electricity available in the area. The 2014 taxes of $606.00 have not been paid. There are tax liens on the property from 2009 – 2012. The total tax amount due including the liens and 2014 taxes is approx. $3,713.45 good thru 6-30-15. The Wagon Tongue Recreation Club dues are $130 annually. The current past due Club dues amount is $930.28 good thru 3-30-15 (includes the 2015 dues). The picture below is of the general area in Park County not of this particular parcel. The co-owner, Larry Paige has the First Right of Refusal (FROR) on this sale. Full payment is required to complete this transaction. Should Mr. Paige exercise his FROR, the buyer’s full payment will be refunded immediately. The assessed FCV for the parcel is: $41,714.

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LIENS  Past due taxes of approx. $3,713.45 & POA Club dues of approx. $930.28, payable by the Buyer. We do not know of any other liens.

Park County was established in 1861, it is one of Colorado’s original counties and one of the oldest. In its center is a lush valley of ranch land, known as “South Park”. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, it features some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the the State. The County seat is Fairplay. In 1874 its residents built a courthouse, which is still standing today.

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Item ID: Miller01

Case Name: Shawn & Cherry Miller (aka Cherry Paige)

Case Number: 11-24891-ABC