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NorthBay at Lake Arrowhead


We have some new assets for sale.  A HISTORICAL COMMERCIAL/RETAIL BUILDING IN S. CHARLESTON, OH. Also available are 3 great deals on TIMESHARES. We have an unusual asset of a FENDER JOHN MAYER STRATOCASTER 6-STRING GUITAR. Please check out the ads on my website and contact me if you have any questions about any of the items. Thanks for stopping by.


Westin Ka'anapali in Maui

New Items Coming up for Sale

We’ve had a lot of good response to the new website. I want to thank all of you for your positive comments! We had a lot of interest shown in the Westin in Maui that we recently sold and we have four more weeks that will be coming up soon. Two weeks at the Westin in Maui and two weeks at the Westin in Princeville. Also, coming soon will be an Oil & Gas Royalty Interest in Arkansas, another Interest in a Real Estate Contract for a property in New Mexico and a variety of Sports Memorabilia and Star Trek and Star Wars Collectibles. Be sure to check back frequently.

Thank you,


Welcome to the brand new CSASSETS.COM!

So here on Tuesday March 12th, we’ve unveiled our brand new website, and we really hope that you enjoy it!  It’s been professionally re-designed and streamlined to make everything easier for all of our buyers who visit us regularly looking for assets to purchase.  You will quickly discover that the site is much more visual than before.  You can now see pictures of auction items without drilling down into the auction detail… you can scroll through what’s On Sale Now, On Sale Soon, and what’s been sold in the past… and you can do it all with crystal clear navigation.

The new design also allows us to showcase auctions on the homepage, and we’ve implemented an On Sale Soon ticker in the site footer, allowing you to always see which item has been most recently added to our On Sale Soon queue.

We hope you appreciate the new design, and that it makes everything easier (and more enjoyable) to navigate.  If you have any questions or would just like to leave a comment on how the new site is working for you, please feel free to just respond below.

Oh by the way, I’ll be posting updates in this LATEST NEWS section frequently, focusing on a few of the latest and greatest auctions… and you can easily access this feed from the top or the bottom of every page on the site!  Thanks for stopping by!